Automatiko 0.11.0 released

Improved messaging for JMS and AMQP, MongoDB persistence

Posted by Automatiko team on December 20, 2021 · 3 mins read

We are pleased to announce a new release of Automatiko - 0.11.0


  • MongoDB based persistence
  • JMS support for messaging
  • AMQP support for messaging
  • Enhancements in producing messages

MongoDB based persistence

MongoDB is a popular document based data base and provides really good support for cloud based deployments. It has flexible schema which allows to build up sofisticated solution in document manner. Workflows have a nice use of such approach where variables of the workflow intance can be stored as a sub document and thus can be target for queries. Automatiko, with release 0.11.0 comes with support for MongoDB based persistence for both workflow instances and jobs.

Have a look at Automatiko documentation for more information about MongoDB based persistence.

JMS support for messaging

JMS is still very widely used, even though there is so much focus on newer alternatives like AMQP or Apache Kafka. JMS provides very powerful integration within Java ecosystem and nicely works with majority of MoM offerings such as IBM MQ, AchtiveMQ and many others. Automatiko introduced support for JMS to allow to cover traditional messaging use cases via workflows where messages need to rely on message properties or message selector to only react to messages of interest.

JMS support comes with capabilities to

  • consume messages including correlation and message selectors as defined by JMS spec
  • produce messages

Have a look at Automatiko documentation for more information about JMS messaging support.

AMQP support for messaging

AMQP is gaining more popularity around messaging platforms and thus allows really comprehensive approach to exchange messages. Automatiko provides abstraction layer via workflow constructs (like message events) to publish messages to various messaging providers. In this release AMQP was added that allows to

  • consume messages including correlation
  • produce messages including dynamic address

Have a look at Automatiko documentation for more information about AMQP messaging support.

Enhancements in producing messages

When using message events to publish messages to various messaging providers such as Apache Kafka, MQTT, Apache Camel, AMQP or JMS there might be a need to gain more control over metadata around the message that is being published. To make this possible, Automatiko allows to implement it via interface. It has metadata method that allows to produce metadata instance that is tailored for given messaging provider.

NOTE: While implementing it must implement both methods (convert and metadata) as it is considered a complete way of taking over control of how message metadata and payload is built.

Photographs by Unsplash.