Automatiko 0.31.0 released

Find your tasks efficiently - user task search index

Posted by Automatiko team on August 16, 2023 · 3 mins read

We are pleased to announce a new release of Automatiko - 0.31.0


  • User task search index
  • Legacy Dev Console UI removed

User task search index

Human centric workflows usually involve various actors for the same task, e.g. group based assignments. In situation where a lot of tasks is created users might not be able to easily keep up with all notifications and thus efficiently find tasks they should work on. To address this use case, Automatiko introduces User task index. A central place within service storage to collect all user tasks and then expose REST API to find tasks for human participants.

User task index is responsible for efficiently collecting all user tasks and to allow users to find them in efficient way, ensuring proper access verficiation is in place. That means only tasks that user is eligible to work on will be returned.

User task search index REST API User task search index REST API.

User task index REST API exposes following methods:

  • find tasks by various criteria
  • find task by id
  • query for tasks based on custom queries - custom queries are defined by the service

Filtering tasks can be done via following fields of the tasks

  • task name - partial search in like style
  • task description - partial search in like style
  • task state - exact match of expected state
  • priority - exact match of expected priority
In addition to filtering, sorting and pagination is also supported.

In case out of the box query capabilities are not enough, custom queries can be defined to expose searches by other fields of the task.

Since this feature can be added to already running service (tasks are already active and waiting for completion), there is also User task management endpoint available that allows to reindex active workflow instances to collect task information and make them part of the index.

More information and user task and index for searches can be found in Automatiko documentation.

Legacy Dev Console UI removed

When running Automatiko service in Quarkus dev mode there is a DEV UI integrated, Quarkus 3 has introduced new way of providing this for extensions and deprecated old on. This release of Automatiko removed the legacy version of it and only comes with new dev ui components.

Photographs by Unsplash.