Automatiko 0.30.0 released

Major upgrade of underlaying frameworks - Automatiko welcomes Quarkus 3!

Posted by Automatiko team on June 03, 2023 · 3 mins read

We are pleased to announce a new release of Automatiko - 0.30.0


  • Moved to Quarkus 3
  • Moved to Java 17
  • Introduced Apache Camel v4 and Camel Quarkus v3

Automatiko has gone through major refactoring and upgrade of frameworks and libraries. This took significant time to be done completely as it relied on many other open source project before it could make a final release without any degradation from feature standpoint. That's why the version number jumped to 0.30.0 instead of following regular +1 increment and be at 0.24.0.

This release does not come with any significant new features but it is packed with number of enhancements that makes the use of Automatiko even better. In addition, from now on new features are going to be built as major upgrades are now completed.

Moved to Quarkus 3

The biggest part in this release is move to Quarkus 3. It comes with significant changes and improvement where one of the biggest (from migration perspective) is move from javax to jakarta namespace. Luckily, Quarkus comes with excellent migration tool that allows to automatically move to the jakarta namespace.

Another worth noting feature is the new Dev UI that is available in dev mode. Automatiko also adjusted to it and now it is much better integrated with the whole Dev UI concept.

New Dev UI - overview New Dev UI - overview. New Dev UI - workflow console integrated New Dev UI - workflow console integrated.

It is highly recommended to read and follow Quarkus official migration guide.

Moved to Java 17

As part of major upgrade of frameworks and libraries, Java version has also moved to latest LTS version (17). This allows to take advantage of runtime improvements and also keep up with fast pace of changes and releases of Java.

Introduced Apache Camel v4 and Camel Quarkus

As part of the migration Apache Camel and Camel Quarkus has also been introduced. Important to note that at the time of release of Automatiko 0.30.0 Apache Camel v4 was not yet released as final version, it is currently on milestone 3 (4.0.0-M3). Similar applies for Camel Quarkus which is on milestone 2 (3.0.0-M2).

Even though it is not final version it is quite stable and all components that are included in the release of milestone is considered fully functional.

Photographs by Unsplash.