Automatiko 0.13.0 released

Lots of operator related improvements

Posted by Automatiko team on February 28, 2022 · 3 mins read

We are pleased to announce a new release of Automatiko - 0.13.0


  • Operator archetype equipped with getting started assets
  • Operator handling with many improvements
  • Multi instance enhancements
  • Serverless Workflow improvements
  • Migration guide - GraphQL especially

Operator archetype equipped with getting started assets

Automatiko comes with dedicated maven archetypes for various types of services that Automatiko can be used for. Kubernetes Operator is one of them and with this release it got enhanced to make it easier to get going with your first Kubernetes Operator based on workflows.

It is as simple as these three commands to get your first operator up and running

  mvn -B archetype:generate                                   \
    -DarchetypeGroupId=io.automatiko.archetypes               \
    -DarchetypeArtifactId=automatiko-operator-archetype       \
    -DarchetypeVersion=0.0.0-SNAPSHOT                         \
    -DgroupId=com.acme.workflows                              \
    -DartifactId=cars                                         \
Generate new project based on operator archetype

  mvn clean package -Pcontainer
Build container image with operator

  kubectl apply -f target/kubernetes/
  kubectl apply -f target/kubernetes/kubernetes.yml
Deploy CRD and operator into Kubernetes cluster And that's it! You have a operator up and running, not doing much but all the plumbing covered automatically for you!

Operator handling with many improvements

Automatiko allows to build Kubernetes Operators based on workflows. With this release a lot of improvements have been added, to name few

  • Control generation aware property to also receive updates for changes of the status
  • Automatic CRD and deployment manifest generation
With this, building Kubernetes Operators is even easier and provide direct insights into the runtime state of the operator.

A complete implementation based on this concepts can be found in form on Tekton Approval Task that can be found here.

Multi instance enhancements

Multi instance allows to use a simple construct to represents complex scenarios. Like iterating over collection to perform same actions on each item of the collection. A common use case is approvals for each item. To be able to react quickly Automatiko 0.13.0 has been improved to support embedded subprocesses and completion conditions on top of multi instance.

Serverless Workflow improvements

In 0.12.0 release there was a complete rework of Serverless Workflow support which got additional improvements in this release. Mainly around event handling and filtering.

Migration guide - GraphQL especially

In this release there was a change to support same user task names in different workflow definitions and that made the generated endpoints of GraphQL to change. Please have a look at migration guide for details.

Photographs by Unsplash.